The Walking Dead

Huge fan from beginning, but the writers and producers are screwing up. Firsts seasons 10/10. When it was all based in a real Apocalypse , everyone getting used to the new real world after landing in a reallity never imagined..

I stayed away from waithis show for over a decade. The reason is that I thought,”Great. Another show about zombies. Big deal. I’ve seeñ that story before…” Well…Yes. Zombies, The Walking Dead cast or rather “walkers”, are very much prevalent throughout the entire show.

I love this program because to me, it’s all about right v wrong, honour v no honour, using your intelligence, creativity,ingenuity, and your trust in your fellow humans, in order to not just survive a world that you had never known. Not just survive…but to create a community. Heck. Not a community, but a new civilisation. You will follow a band of characters who encounter a plethora of antagonists. how many seasons of The Walking Dead Some of these antagonists are simply bad. And some are extremely evil and sadistic.