This year our annual conference will take place at:
University of Maryland Saint Joseph’s Medical Center

June 8-9, 2015



Topics in: Electrophysiology, Heart Rhythms, 12 Lead ECG

The StartBeat Heart Institute, Topics in: Electrophysiology, Heart Rhythms, 12 Lead ECG provides a unique, interactive training module which through its Animated Heart technology helps you visualize what ‘s behind cardiac electrophysiology, heart rhythms, heart rhythm disturbances, 12 lead ECGs, heart blocks, bundle branch blocks, paced rhythms and more.

The Heart Institute two-day seminars is geared toward aiding health care professionals, of all levels of experience, gain knowledge through its unique visual technology, The Animated Heart.

The Animated Heart is a unique three dimensional, fully animated, visual teaching aide which allows participants to see the heart’s electrical conduction as it relates to the cardiac cycle, heart rhythms and ECGs.  Participants are further engaged by utilizing an audience response system which promotes interaction between the speaker and fellow participants.

Designed for the visual learner. the more than 65% of the population who gain knowledge through watching and seeing.  The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.  Are you a visual learner? as a health care professional, you probably are and this course is for you.

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